Wild Kangaroos Melbourne tour


Hop, jump and bounce your way to the kangaroos in the wild. This is so much better than seeing them at a zoo. They are active, wild, free and fun. Join us for an experience of a lifetime with our wild kangaroos tour in Melbourne.

Kangaroos are most active in the evening or in the early morning. During the hottest part of the day, they are much more interested in keeping cool in the shade. We will take you to the action in a secret location filled with hundreds of kangaroos. You may want to get up close and see them from a distance or try to join the mob itself. We ensure this experience is safe and full of helpful information so you have the best outing possible.

Our guides are very experienced and will educate you about all the “hoppity hop”. We know various locations around the beautiful farm lands surrounding Melbourne that have large mobs of kangaroos. These locations are all picturesque and surrounded by mountains- so, if you want to see kangaroos in Australia, this is the trip for you!


Kangaroos in the wild tour in Melbourne

Kangaroos in the wild tour in Melbourne

Great Views over the country side.

Great Views over the country side.


Your standard Kangaroos in the wild private tour includes an exclusive, personalised tour with commentary, hotel pick up and drop off, luxury touring vehicle and complimentary water.

Prices start from* $350 AUD


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