Private Tours Victoria provides luxurious and exclusive day tours in and around Melbourne, Australia. Our aim is to provide a private touring experience that is second to none in all aspects; from your choice of itinerary to the little extra touches such as included refreshments and commentary customised to your interests, it’s all about creating an unforgettable experience that’s so much more than just tourism. If you would like a personalised experience and control of your day trip with the best guides in town, book your tour with us today.



We are flexible with all your specific needs, whether it’s religious or dietary lifestyle needs, fitness levels, or even if you want to go the extra limit to get your adrenaline rush. The itineraries you see on this site are designed to provide guides to what we can show you in one day; if there are destinations or activities you would like to mix and match, we welcome custom tour enquiries.



Private Tours Victoria is a renowned, multi-award winning tour company; specializing in private journeys and exclusive experiences.

We have been traveling around Victoria and other parts of Australia for many years, always trying to find something new and experience everything the land has to offer. Over time, we have found some hidden secrets that are so beautiful; from exclusive lookouts and trails to eateries, galleries, stores, and more; off the beaten track. This is our inspiration and we wish to educate and amaze you with the best of our country. If you’re looking to see more than just the tourist trails or you want to take your time and see everything at your own pace, we will give you the experience you want. We can always tailor a tour to suit you and make sure you have a great touring experience! It’s limitless and always fun with Private Tours Victoria!

*Our guides are accredited, fully qualified, and hold their Advanced First Aid Certificates.






To make it easy for you, we have compiled our Top 8 Melbourne and Victorian Tours, enjoy!