What an excellent long-lasting Summer we’ve had of warm, sunny days and bright blue skies!
Now that has come to an end- we’ve officially welcomed Winter!
Luckily, no-matter what the weather may be in Melbourne (whether it’s raining, hot, windy, cold, or whatever unpredictable weather we have), we’re extremely lucky to have activities for all seasons and all days! No wonder life never gets boring here 😉

Here are a list of things you can do during the colder months in Melbourne:

Things to do in Melbourne in Winter:

Visit the Snowfields! Did you know that the Australian Alps receive more snowfall than the Swiss Alps?!
Take a trip to the picturesque Mount Buller and spend a day of skiing, snowboarding, and just some fun loving snow play! If you’re in for a relaxation session, then you have the option to pamper yourself at one of the spa retreats. It’s a mountain snow village featuring restaurants and bars, accommodation, spa retreats, and snow activities. A perfect getaway for a day or even a few!
Another destination for a quick snow day trip would be Lake Mountain and you may incorporate this day out with a visit to the Yarra Valley (from vineyards to snow- what a huge contrast in one day!).
For more information on our Mt. Buller tours, please click here: Mt. Buller Tours
Lake Mountain, click here: Lake Mountain Snow Tours

Take a trip to the scenic wine regions in Victoria- you’re spoiled for options when it comes to wine around Melbourne. We have many wine regions, but the two most prominent regions are the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. The Yarra Valley features the backdrop of the rolling hills and mountains along the Great Dividing Range. This region consists of over 150 cellar doors and there’s something for everyone- from breweries, distilleries, commercial wineries such as the world-famous Domaine Chandon, to the boutique and charming wineries dotted with vines.
The Mornington Peninsula predominantly consists of boutique wine producers and famous for producing world-class Pinot Noirs. You have the option to spend your day wine-tasting and at the end of your day, relax and indulge at the award-winning Peninsula Hot Springs!

Yarra Valley Tours: Yarra Valley Tours

Mornington Peninsula Wine and Hot Springs Tours: Mornington Peninsula Tours

If you’d like to spend your day within the city, the Melbourne Aquarium never bores! They have all sorts of marine life. They even have the world’s largest salt-water crocodile (it’s something like 8 metres long!).
The Melbourne Museum is also a spectacular place to visit to gain all sorts of knowledge with interactive activities suitable for children and adults! If you’re interested in history- it’s there; if you’re interested in psychology- it’s there; culture- you got it; they even have the only priceless pink diamond in the world that is on display for you to admire!

I hope you find these recommendations useful and if you have any suggestions or any questions, feel free to contact us!

Happy Winter Everyone!

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