Events in Melbourne 2018!

What an excellent Summer it has been in this cosmopolitan city! The array of events and festivals have contributed to Melbourne’s lively culture and attracted many tourists from around the globe!

Well, although Summer is coming to an end, the fun doesn’t have to be over! We have more events running in the next few months- from small to large- free-to-charge; check out some of these current and upcoming events:

National Gallery of Victoria- Triennial (15/12/17-15/04/18): A free display of past, present, and modern, as well as interactive features to capture the creative senses.

Viva Brasil Carnaval (10 AM- 3 PM @ Queen Victoria Market on Feb 24/ 10 AM- 4 PM on Feb 25): Traditional cultural festival of Carnaval featuring performers, cocktails, street food, music, Capoeira, and a party for everyone to enjoy!

Moomba Festival (March 9- March 12 @ Birrarung Mar by the Yarra River, Alexandra Gardens, and St. Kilda Road): Celebrate a culturally significant community festival involving live music, carnival rides for kids and families, colourful parade, fireworks, and more!

Formula 1- International Grand Prix (March 25): Locals and tourists from around the world visit Melbourne to watch this spectacular car race at the Albert Park Lake! Watch out for the after party!

Melbourne International Comedy Festival (28th March- 22nd April): Different comedians from around the world performing at various venues throughout Melbourne, from bars to live stages. Pick an act, or 2, or 3, or as many as you want and get ready to be comically entertained by all types of humour!

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (15th- 26th of March): There will be food and wine pop up stalls situated throughout the city as well as foodie events to participate in a culinary adventure for the senses!


So…these are just some of the events happening over the next few months in Melbourne! We will keep you all updated on more fun and festive events here throughout the year so that you can pick when the best time of the year will suit you!

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