5 Reasons Why People Love Private Tours Victoria:

  • Flexibility- This is YOUR day and you have the flexibility and control of it. You don’t need to follow a strict schedule. If you’d like to stop for a photo or a rest stop, we can stop. If you saw an interesting attraction that captured you, we can visit. No one will make you feel uncomfortable about where we go or what we do, because that’s the beauty of being flexible!


  • Personalized- The great thing about private tours is that they’re personable. Your host takes you on a journey, showing you the best attractions in Victoria. Your host becomes your Australian friend, who is passionate about this country and simply loves showing people a great time!


  • Customize your tours- We have many guests who particularly love unique, authentic experiences that you can’t do with just anyone. We are proud to say that our team are well-traveled, not just within Melbourne, but throughout Australia, and around the world! We know of some truly remarkable locations around Victoria that are not necessarily on the main stream tourist routes and we are always happy to hand craft your journey to ensure it exceeds your expectations of this beautiful country!


  • No limits- We can cater to a large range of people with certain interests, from the more adventurous to the finer things in life. We have special interest tours, such as Native Foods’ Tours, Luxury Camping Tours, Golf Tours, Helicopter Tours, and more. If there’s something in particular you’re interested in, let us know!


  • Reliable- We take pride in our team’s efficiency and passion for this kind of lifestyle. We are not just a company that has guests on private tours and say “Goodbye” at the end of the day. We are always happy to help our guests wherever we can. If guests ever need help or advice in and around Australia, just give us a call or message and we’ll try our best to share our wisdom with you!

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