The team at Private Tours Victoria are strongly focused and passionate about giving back to the community and helping out wherever and whenever we can.

We are all nature lovers and believe that it’s very important to preserve all natural habitats around the world- from rivers, reefs, oceans, forests, and deserts, as it is vital for survival. Over hundreds and thousands of years, nature has provided us with healing properties and medicines.

We also find that inner peace when we are among nature- there’s something about these places that man kind can never create that’ll ever be as special as what Earth itself has created for us to enjoy.

As a good will gesture, we are pleased to donate $20 of every tour you book with us to a charity called The Nature Conservancy. This charity works all over the globe to preserve natural habitats.

Private Tours Victoria are very thankful for all of our guests who come on tour with us and we look forward to showing you all a wonderful time in and around Melbourne!