Melbourne has been voted as the “World’s Most Livable City”, 6 years consecutively, according to the¬†Economist Intelligence Unit.

We want to share with you 10 reasons why we love Melbourne, from a local’s perspective!

1. The City

The city is so boutique. The buildings are extremely creative, ranging from historic stone buildings from the 1800’s to the modern, artistic buildings. There are a good amount of shopping centres with progressive International and local brands, and the streets are lively with free entertainment. There are world-class restaurants and trendy bars situated throughout the laneways and the entire city. The free trams that run through the city are a unique aspect of Melbourne that makes it very convenient to get around. Overall, it’s a beautiful city.

2. Public Transport

It’s very advantageous to travel around Melbourne. We have all sorts of public transport throughout all of Melbourne, from trams within the city and inner suburbs, to trains and buses that take you literally everywhere. You really don’t need a car if you live in Melbourne. Also, unlike certain cities around the world where taking public transport is frowned upon, taking public transport in Melbourne is for EVERYONE- whether you’re rich or poor, a professional or a uni student; anyone who can buy a public transport pass can enjoy the convenience of getting around this city.

3. Parks

Despite Melbourne having a current population of 4 million people and it’s ever-growing with high rise apartments, there are plenty of green, leafy parks for the locals to enjoy. The parks throughout Melbourne are well maintained and well equipped for kids to appreciate. Most parks are also dog-friendly, making it great for families and people with pets.

4. Restaurants

There are some excellent world-class restaurants in Melbourne. This city is known as a multicultural, artistic, and “Foodies” city. We are spoiled by the array of authentic cuisines from all over the world in one city! People often travel from interstate just to indulge in the food here!

5. Cafes

If you love your brunches, Melbourne is filled with trendy cafes offering progressive breakfasts/brunches. There are no shortages of cafes in Melbourne, and they all seem to have their own flare and creative menus. Most cafes have balanced, healthy foods to indulge in.

6. Cocktail Bars

There are some world-renowned cocktail bars in Melbourne serving up creative, customized flavours as well as classic cocktails. The bar tenders tend to be quite innovative at some of these cocktail bars, such as the Everleigh.

7. Multicultural-ism

Melbourne is a very multicultural city which has resulted in this city having niche restaurants serving up dishes from all over the world. It’s amazing that if you feel like Korean food, there are numerous authentic restaurants serving Korean dishes, or if you feel like Nepalese cuisine, you can get it here. There’s literally all types of restaurants in Melbourne. There are also international celebrations usually taken place at the iconic Federation Square (in the heart of the city). These celebrations include Buddhism Day, Filipino Day, Thai Day, etc… It’s all very harmonious and beautiful!

8. Diversity of Sightseeing

There are so many locations to go sightseeing around Melbourne. You can do city, history, art, or shopping tours; you can do more nature based touring such as visiting the world-famous Great Ocean Road (12 Apostles), wildlife touring at Phillip Island, winery tours to the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula, the list goes on and on and on! It’s endless, the amount of activities and destinations you can visit around Victoria!

9. Healthcare/Medical Needs

The system here for locals is very beneficial. You pay nothing or very little to see a general practitioner and being treated in hospital is usually free. The doctors are exceptional.

10. The Markets (Queen Victoria Market & South Melbourne Market)

Once again, if you love fine fresh foods, these two markets are worth a visit! You can get almost anything at the Queen Victoria Market, from souvenirs, clothes, fresh foods, meats, bread, fruits, etc… Locals often come to the markets on the weekend as it tends to be quite festive with live music and many people out and about.

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